Joy Hotel Fedaia

You pay ONLY the service YOU BOOK!

Canazei - Val di Fassa - Dolomiti - Trentino

JOY HOTEL... Our home is Your home!

A home to share with you! We are ready!
We have chosen to be new but remaining close to our family roots.

Our philosophy allows us and YOU to be able to enjoy our nature and the territory at its best. From the sunrise to the dawn, you can feel free to be wherever you desire because you know that you don’t have to pay extras here.

We want to offer you an organic breakfast (together with the classical Italian one) because we believe it is important to have the chance to choose and experiment the taste of different ingredients.

Let’s open our windows… here, in Alba, in Val di Fassa, there is the youngest wood and the richest fauna in Italy.

HOW CAN YOU BE SATISFIED? It is easy. You only need to pay what you choose. And that’s all!


WE ARE SURE ABOUT THAT: you can have your personal, dynamic, wonderful holiday with responsibility and JOY!

You pay ONLY the service YOU BOOK!

We have chosen a new style... We have MADE A CHOICE... which sounds like COURAGEOUS! We want to be UNIQUE and offer a new interpretation of HOLIDAY in Val di Fassa.

JOY HOTEL FEDAIA choses dynamism, transparency, easiness and responsibility. We SEE how needs change… and we get them!

JOY HOTEL FEDAIA means territory attachment, freshness, ecology, economy, sport, nature… and relax

You pay only what you choose which means that, first of all, you can EXACTLY know the budget before going on holiday, and secondly, you can help us to reduce wastage.


It is possible to have a dynamic, enjoyable and stunning holiday especially if you are responsible and JOY-ful!